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Resident Artists


Chrystian Yaxche


Estudió en la Academia de San Carlos de la ciudad de México. Ha expuesto en los principales recintos de esa ciudad y en diversas sedes internacionales.


En años más recientes estudió y desarrollo su arte en las técnicas digitales como la animación 2d y la creación 3d. 

Studio 1 Chaz Q- ROOM SIGNAGE.jpg

Chaz Manacsa


Growing up in Chicago, Chaz was influenced by works at the Art Institute of Chicago and the city’s tradition of monumental sculpture in its architecture.

​On graduating from Northwestern University, he became an engineer, but continued to paint and exhibit in cities throughout the USA to which his career took him.

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 2 2021.jpg

Curioso Artist

I am pleased to announce a new display of artwork in our Qulture Art Galleries from a local artist, Euclid "Winston" Curioso. For over 20 years he has drawn, painted and been involved with interior design. He has taken a new direction which has brought a crossover among the three, bringing in more color and life.

"I believe that color should be embraced in all aspects of our life. It is such a simple thing to lift the spirits and a wonder we often reject.

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 4 2023_2SM.jpg

Gaya Kairos


Gaya Kairos is a multidisciplinary artist who relocated from Toronto, Canada to Puerto Vallarta in 2021.



Linda Merialdo


Linda started painting and creating as a child following her mother, an accomplished artist of water color, pastel,  oil, a muralist, and a published author, around her studio.

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 8 2021.jpg

Rodolfo Blanco


Rodolfo “Odder” Blanco,is currently known as The Starving Artist. Born in Torreon Coahuila Mexico in 1980 he found inspiration in drawing particularly television cartoons at an early age, interested in imitating the vibrant colors television produced.

Upon arrival to the US, he focused on the elaboration of abstract and minimal paintings, as a result of the poor joy found in the drawing or painting of ordinary everyday objects or nature.

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 10 2022.jpg

Fidel Duran


José Fidel Duran Gutiérrez, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1979. A self-taught painter who, from avery young age, feels interest and concern for the art world in general.

José Fidel Duran Gutiérrez, nació en Guadalajara, Jalisco, México en el año 1979. Pintor de formación
autodidacta que desde muy joven siente interés e inquietud por el mundo del arte en general.

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 3 2021.jpg

Julio César

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 5 2022.jpg

Wendell Hicks


Wendell Hicks was born and raised in East Texas. His Grandmother got him into oil painting lessons from middle school until graduating from high school. He went on to get his associates degree in graphic arts and worked in the industry for five years.

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 7 2023_Web.jpg

Ben Toledo


Ben has a passion for people and the human experience and expresses that passion through abstract digital portraiture.

Studio 9.jpg

Linda Eggerer


I am an analog collage artist. Paper is my paint. 


Graphic design and photography have always been a part of me. Repurposing used, discarded items and making sustainable art is what I do. I am passionate about creating collages and the art of assemblage. The idea of using beautiful pages found in magazines and other printed matter, destined for the dump, inspires me. 

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 11 2021.jpg

Bobby O'Malley


Bobby OMalley's work is best described as Magic Realism, along with a hefty dose of abstraction thrown in to keep it interesting!

His latest works are a series of photo prints and paintings titled: Accidental Beauty: “Houses of Queretaro”.

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 00 2021.jpg


Nicolás utilizes Photography, Graphic Design and Gouache to create unique and evocative pieces.

His manipulation of the medium and his personal perspective echoes his love of history giving his paintings a deeply rich, almost old-world quality.

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 12 Amapas Leather 2021.jpg


Leather Goods


Amapas Leather Goods creates unique hand crafted leather goods for the savvy person. All pieces are made from high quality leather and each one is hand stitched. Amapas Leather designs colorful, minimalist pieces that are sure to last a lifetime.


Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 12 MSSA 2021.jpg

MSSA Designs


Melissa has been crafting all of her life, but got serious about creating jewelry in 2012 as a way to de-stress from her high paced corporate job.

She found Precious Metal Clay - clay that contains precious metals such as pure silver or copper extracted from recycled electronics - and that medium blended her passion for ceramics and jewelry making. The clay is sculpted, then kiln-fired to burn off the clay binder and fuse the metal particles together.


Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 13 SHAW 2021.jpg

Cassandra Shaw


Cassandra Shaw moved from Vancouver, BC to Puerto Vallarta in 1999, after visiting Vallarta for many years. She fell in love with the
vibrant colors of Mexico and the people of Vallarta. Her focus quickly turned to jewelry design, painting
and dog rescue!

She remains dedicated to creating amazing wearable art as well as paintings that reflect the passion of this beautiful country.



Marg Heeney


Marg Heeney has been painting her entire life without realizing it until, three years ago, when she physically put color on paper and manifested the images that were until then only in her mind and imagination.



Jamie Burton


Jamie Burton Chamberlin is anaward-wining  filmmaker from theU.S. that has worked for leading entertainment companies such as Dreamworks, FOX and HBO.  He has produced segments for numerous celebrity clients including:  ZZ Top, Sammy Hagar, Slash,Steve Vai, Duff McKagan, Geoff Tate, and Blackberry Smoke.


Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 15_2023.jpg

Barbara Stenz

Barbara graduated from art school as an Environmental Designer; after which she pursued a career in the commercial arts industry. Across her career, she has enjoyed a varied array of professional successes in visual arts. Everything from owning and operating an independent art supplies store to working in ad agencies and
in-house art departments.​

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