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Barbara Stenz is a Canadian Artist living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She can be found painting in her studio upstairs at Qulture in Col. Emiliano Zapata, PV.

Barbara graduated from art school as an Environmental Designer; after which she pursued a career in the commercial arts industry. Across her career, she has enjoyed a varied array of professional successes in visual arts. Everything from owning and operating an independent art supplies store to working in ad agencies and in-house art departments.​

In 1998, Barbara relocated to Southeast Asia, where her passion for art and design grew. Through the Indonesian Heritage Society, she collaborated with adventure journalists; exploring and documenting flora, fauna, geography and indigenous peoples. She has and continues to work as a freelance designer with international clients.

Through her passion for design and years of living internationally, her painting and drawing developed into her own visual expression and distinctive style. Working with a vibrant palette, the use of color configurations and the art of transforming geometric and curvilinear forms into dramatic artwork.

Barbara draws her inspiration from her environment and for it. She considers herself a graphic artist; influenced by graphic design, pop art, street art, graffiti, surrealism, and indigenous art and symbolism.

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Barbara Stenz Art

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