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Growing up in Chicago, Chaz was influenced by works at the Art Institute of Chicago and the city’s tradition of monumental sculpture in its architecture.

​On graduating from Northwestern University, he became an engineer, but continued to paint and exhibit in cities throughout the USA to which his career took him.

In 2017 he retired to Puerto Vallarta where he was inspired by Mexico’s alebrijes and pre-columbian art. These rekindled memories of his early childhood in the Philippines and its indigenous art and myths. All these caused his early love of monumental sculpture to reemerge and he began interpreting iconic mythical characters in mid-scale mixed media.

With his engineering background, and his eye for beauty and proportion he is able to create unique three dimensional pieces. His work can now be seen in various locations in Puerto Vallarta.

Studio 1 Chaz Q- ROOM SIGNAGE.jpg

Chaz Manacsa

Studio 1

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