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Davide Stennett, a former marketing and creative director in the Los Angeles fashion scene, brought his multifaceted talents to the industry. As a sought-after fashion photographer, he crafted multimedia content for renowned fashion brands and celebrities, establishing himself as a prominent figure.


In 2019, he ventured into the realm of fashion entrepreneurship, launching COLLEZIONE DAVIDE, an upscale menswear brand tailored for the active lifestyle. Targeting men on the go, the collection features resort, leisure, and lounge sportswear, reflecting Davide's keen understanding of contemporary fashion needs.


The challenges of the Covid lockdown in Atlanta, GA, prompted Davide to delve into painting seriously. This creative exploration marked a significant chapter in his artistic journey.

In 2021, Davide found inspiration in Puerto Vallarta, expanding his brand to include handmade leather accessories such as bags, wallets, sandals, and belts. Collaborating with other artists, some of these pieces are transformed into unique works of art through hand painting.


Driven by wanderlust, Davide celebrates global diversity, influenced by his Jamaican background. 


His artistic passion revolves around color, ethnic prints, and the fusion of traditional photography with digital media and acrylic painting. This fusion manifests in his creations, resonating with the rich artisan culture of Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Latin América. This unique blend echoes his celebration and appreciation  for cultural artistic convergence.

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