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Linda Merialdo

Studio 6

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Linda started painting and creating as a child following her mother, an accomplished artist of water color, pastel,  oil, a muralist, and a published author, around her studio.


Artistic Process: After a career in business, along with collecting art, she began taking classes in watercolor, mixed media, oil and acrylic. She studied  technique under Joyce Strauss, a notable Las Vegas, artist and sculptor. In 1999 Linda began studying in Puerto Vallarta with local artists. Soon she ran out of walls in her home and had to resort to painting floor covers and table decor to find room to continue. Finally forced out of her home by overflowing art she first exhibited at local street fairs. Her work was well accepted and she was invited to juried shows and charity exhibits, with that success she was asked to exhibit in galleries.  During that time she continued to study with accomplish teachers in Las Vegas, San Miguel Allende and Puerto Vallarta.

Statement: A painting is a snapshot of the painters emotions at the time of creation. Emotions are translated onto the canvas and elicit an emotional response from the viewer.

Mediums: Acrylic, mixed media, watercolor, wood, canvas, pastel, oil, and wax.

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