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Marg Heeney

Studio 13

Marg Heeney has been painting her entire life without realizing it until, three years ago, when she physically put color on paper and manifested the images that were until then only in her mind and imagination.

With an invite from a friend to to explore watercolor classes, she discovered her passion for painting. Marg's next class was painting with acrylics and what a difference this made. After two years of learning techniques and use of color she realized her true love for painting and enhancing her innate creativity.

Marg's background includes social work, sales and energy healing, which continues today. The expression of her creativity side developed with individuals by clearing their negative energy. Now having two outlets in both painting and clearings, she has found new and exciting discoveries of herself.

Marg was born in Nebraska and has lived in Colorado, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, and Mexico. Marg moves to Puerto Vallarta full time in 2019. She visits Ann Arbor, MI where her granddaughters live with their parents.

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