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MSSA Designs

Studio 12

Melissa has been crafting all of her life, but got serious about creating jewelry in 2012 as a way to de-stress from her high paced corporate job.

She found Precious Metal Clay - clay that contains precious metals such as pure silver or copper extracted from recycled electronics - and that medium blended her passion for ceramics and jewelry making. The clay is sculpted, then kiln-fired to burn off the clay binder and fuse the metal particles together.

It was then that the doors opened to so many possibilities for new designs and creations! The clay lends itself to organic and flowing designs, perfect for Melissa’s nature-inspired works of art. Melissa also loves to add color to her work and taught herself how to enamel - fine glass particles heated and fused to her work - to achieve breathtaking combinations of metal and color.

She left her 20-year corporate career in 2018 when she was accepted as a permitted crafter at the iconic Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. Melissa has been spending a lot of time in Puerto Vallarta and has set up camp here at Qulture to continue creating and sharing her jewelry with the world.

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