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Wendell Hicks

Studio 5

Q- ROOM SIGNAGE 5 2022.jpg

Wendell Hicks was born and raised in East Texas. His Grandmother got him into oil painting lessons from middle school until graduating from high school. He went on to get his associates degree in graphic arts and worked in the industry for five years.

Wendell returned to college and earned his bachelors and masters degrees in business and human resource development. He was CEO of two large nonprofits in Texas and Arizona. After thirty years, he retired and returned to his original passion and finds great joy in his art, learning every day. It is this learning that motivates him to move more toward abstract and contemporary art.

The greatest thing for Wendell is to hear a piece of his art has “moved” a person or made them feel as if they’ve “been to” a place he’s painted. He feels fortunate to be in Puerto Vallarta and specifically at Qulture to continue his lifelong learning and practice.

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