Jeff Boss was born and raised in the Northwest and grew up with the appreciation of art. He studied Art and Architecture throughout his schooling as a young adult. Jewelry design and manufacturing caught his interest in his early twenties and worked as a jewelry designer for about ten years.

In 1983 he won second place for an asymmetrical earring design of white gold, black onyx, diamonds and emeralds in the Inamori International Design Competition.

In 1990, he started getting interested in stained glass and took a few classes. But soon took it to a different level. The whales, flowers and other typical stained glass designs bored him; he needed more of a challenge.

He was always drawn toward the male figures of Classical Greek and Early Renaissance art, so he started creating stained glass pieces of male figures. Using the swirls within the art glass to capture the flow of the muscles.

In 1999, he started working in acrylics and has created over 100 works of art to date. Many pieces have been sold or donated to charity. Jeff retired when he was 53 and relocated to Palm Springs area and after 10 years of the desert he decided to move to Puerto Vallarta. He is now enjoying permanent residency and creating new art in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.