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Michael McGrath

Studio 5
Michael McGrath

Michael McGrath - Born Toronto, Canada 1979 Is a self taught Contemporary Artist known predominantly for creating abstract works in acrylic. Michael is heavily influenced by the tropics, nature, and will often saturate a canvas with subjective elements, symbolism, and colors that lend to these two themes.

Color is a language for him. He strives to visually evoke emotion in the same way one would experience a hazy pink sunsets or the electric gradation of a Caribbean coral beach.

His work is executed in layers and stages and develops from a prominent theme or a concept of color. The process is very organic and intuitive, it requires a mindful and open state, he says;

“For me every process of creativity offers anyone a means of expressing true individuality. To set this free from within and share it with the world is why art can be so moving. It’s a chance for communication, a language of honesty, love, and purity. When anyone and everyone creates, we share and tap into a collective source of external and internal frequencies”.

For Michael the mechanical execution begins with an internal incubation or visions which manifests in his work through various techniques. The process is an exciting journey, and his techniques and style can vary. He considers himself to be an ever evolving artist. Always welcoming influence, and open to evolving his process, while still holding fundamental elements that consistently appear in his body of work. He believes as an artist it is important to take risks and be open to change, and to embrace the experience or challenges you are working through in your art.

Michael typically executes works by incorporating multiple wet paint layers as well as, adding/subtracting, pulling with trowels and other tools, and manipulating with the fundamentals of gravity and erosion. He uses the entire window of time to manipulate the stages throughout the curing process. These techniques portray his bold vision of seamless color and the sense of fluidity he strives to mirror that in which he sees in nature. He is a fan of repetition, symmetry, as well as highly focused on creating gradation of color in his work. His work evokes emotion and a sense of calm.

Michael’s works are collected in Mexico as well as Canada, and he is represented through galleries in Toronto and Puerto Vallarta.


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