Winston Studio 3


Euclid “Winston” Curioso

Studio 3
I am pleased to announce a new display of artwork in our Qulture Art Galleries from a local artist, Euclid "Winston" Curioso. For over 20 years he has drawn, painted and been involved with interior design. He has taken a new direction which has brought a crossover among the three, bringing in more color and life.
"I believe that color should be embraced in all aspects of our life. It is such a simple thing to lift the spirits and a wonder we often reject. I've long been entranced with the use of colors to enhance our surroundings. I have found that having diverse experiences contributes to my growth as an artist and a designer. Follow your own paths of exploration and discovery whenever possible. You never know where they will take you."
Euclid's art is very reasonable and perfect decor for your home. I invite you to come visit Qulture and check out the wonderful art gallery we have hanging

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